WPA / WPA2 Word List Dictionaries Downloads

By | May 8, 2017


Here are some dictionaries that can be used with Backtrack or Kali Linux. They are plain Wordlist dictionaries used to brute force WPA/WPA2 data captures with aircrack-ng.

The BIG-WPA-LIST will need to be extracted before using.

These are dictionaries that have been floating around for some time now and are here for you to practice with. Once you get good at using a dictionary,and if these don’t crack the password for you, it would be a good idea to make your own with Crunch.
I have also included Wordlist that come pre-installed with Backtrack and Kali called darkc0de.lst and rockyou.txt

Due to bandwidth and storage limitations I am using free file sharing services Mediafire and 4shared to store the files for download.

Using a good VPN is always suggested for privacy and security. If you need a good low cost VPN to use Try IPVanish it has multiple high speed servers with no throttling or logs.

WPA/WPA 2 Dictionaries Downloads

If the Wordlist below are removed here is a Torrent link to download a 8.5GB collection of WPA/WPA2 Wordlist dictinaires.

BIG-WPA-LIST-1 New Server
BIG-WPA-LIST-1 MediaFire
BIG-WPA-LIST-1 4shared

BIG-WPA-LIST-2 New Server
BIG-WPA-LIST-2 4shared

BIG-WPA-LIST-3 4shared

darkc0de.lst MediaFire
darkc0de.lst 4shared

rockyou.txt MediaFire
rockyou.txt 4shared

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131 thoughts on “WPA / WPA2 Word List Dictionaries Downloads

  1. Ales

    please send me an alphanumeric pass max 14 words i try to unlock wifi but i wait for 3 days no 1 is good


  2. mg

    or you could do this:
    int main (void)
    unsigned long int i;
    for(i=10000000; i<=9999999999; i++)
    printf ("%lu\n", i);
    return 0;

    compile it and run the EXE file in DOS and output it to a file.
    go to command.com and type:
    c:\ >>

    1. mg

      sorry. in the C prompt, execute the exe file after compiling the C program and use >> to output it to a text file.
      it will be a rather large file, but it will generate numbers for you.


    Thanks a lot for this torrent, hope it still lives!
    Please seed.

  4. >>>

    Hi, and how can i put this password list into my beini cause i installed on an usb

  5. Metainf

    Guys i already download the link wher i can find or rather what’s next step

  6. MyLastFighter

    why my download auto stop (not Finish,already try many time is still same,sometime stop at 65MB..some time stop at 32MB)on WPA List 2 Big file..at New serve..shareit cant download because already remove….

  7. Adrian

    Hello, I’m not able to download BIG-WPA-LIST-3 4shared
    It’s working for you guys? I enabled and disabled ABP (AdBlockPlus) but 0 results

    1. Fabjo2000

      You must login with Twitter, Google or Facebook.
      The Download starts after these login.


    Really people do some homework its out there you might need to adjust some things and use different bits and bobs but its possible some folks will help although some think there to clever to help we were all thick at the start i must admit its taken me a whole week to make a persistence kali usb 50 different ways on the net used a bit of info from a good few and persivered untill i done it dont give up people have a go mind your drives

    1. Hydranix

      You could instead learn a little bit about how computers boot from drives. What a bootloader is, what it does. What a boot manager is, and what it does.

      Then learn about partition and partition tables, and how they are related to booting.

      Then you’d realize you could just write the kali iso file directly byte-for-byte to the flash drive and likely get a working bootable flash drive.

    1. Hydranix

      You could crack that in just a few seconds/minutes…

      You could even generate a wordlist that is 100% likely to have the password in it with just the shell.

      printf ‘%09d\n’ {0..999999999} > 9_digit_numerical.txt

      It will take some time to generate it…

      1. Hydranix

        Scratch that common above, it eventually crashes on systems with low memory.


        for ((i=0;i> 9_digit_numerical.txt; done

        1. Hydranix

          Since generating a 10GB numeric wordlist by shell is extremely slow, here’s a much faster way in C. Definitely not the fastest. but good enough I suppose.

          C Code:

          int main()
          FILE * f = fopen(“9_digit_numerical.txt”, “w”);
          return 1;
          for(int i=0;i<999999999;i++)
          fprintf(f, "%09d\n", i);
          return 0;

  9. insanitified

    Is it me or the keys are very big? 15+ gb? Seriously, my good sir?

  10. HACKER

    Download WiFislax and install (burn) to CD – ISO file. This software Linux its free and best for WiFi encrypt. http:// wifislax. com/
    Very Simple and strong Hacking WiFi and Social engineering…

  11. Anonymous

    aircrack-ng is quite slow. Try using pyrit or hashcat for quick cracking process…..

  12. sid goenka

    hey dude i want indian mobile numbers and default indian names …bcz here is so many people useing the number and names ..so u can help me and give the .lst for password..

  13. Ashiq

    i done all the step…but wpa handshake not found …..how can i fix that

    1. flamhor

      make sure at least one person is being connected in that target device…
      then use aireplay-ng -0 0 -b mon0

  14. Drone

    I have been using backtrack 5 since it came out and successfully cracked lots of wifi very easy. It takes a lot of patience and time so install it on an old PC that’s what I did.Run the proper commands and you’re good to go. Google it if you don’t know what you’re doing tons of tutorials out there just read it right follow instructions properly. 😉

  15. Allan

    Hi, I downloaded the Big WPA list #1, 2 and 3. Are these three separate lists? Or are they meant to be merged into one? When I WinRAR unzipped the files it did not extract them all into one file like I thought it might. Please advise. Thanks

  16. travor

    hi, i am using Beini 1.2.5. but how to put Password List inside beini.iso . do i just copy the file into the beini using daemon tools?? just like that?


  17. michael

    hi, i`m using aircrack- nk on kali. i`m learning quite quickly, but could you please tell me this?
    firstly, what file extention will it except for the word lists, and how do i make it use multiple lists, when they are all over the machine(it`s a fresh install) Thank you in advance.

  18. Ghosted

    No mention of speeding up the cracking via rainbow tables i believe doing this by combining each passwd in your list with the essid to compute a PMK using the pdkdf2 algorithm then the pmk is compared to the Handshake file. Google it, find a the man5 or man in your Terminal check it out search and ONLY do this to YOUR OWN ROUTERS WIFI. MILK BOTTLE hahahah … All this will soon be over when the new tek-sheilds arrive..

  19. Newbie2016

    It’s funny reading all of these comments.. The dictionary given above doesn’t guarantee that you can crack your wifi router’s password 100% of the time. It is only a “LIST” of possible passwords, meaning if your PASSWORD IS NOT ON THE LIST YOU’LL GET – “PASSPHRASE NOT IN THE DICTIONARY”. Well, a lot of people here ask irrelevant questions.

    Spoonfeeding is only for babies.

  20. Alex Mercer

    I have a Stupid Question, will this BIG-WPA-LIST-1. 2. 3 will work on WPA TKIP PSK Connection?


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