How To Get Free TV with A Xbox One

Xbox One has a TV dongle that allows for free over-the-air TV channels. Hauppauge the creators of many TV tuner dongles for PCs and other devices has built a unit compatible with the Xbox One. How are the TV broadcast free? Free over-the-air TV is available to any one that has a antenna and a TV… Read More »

How To Install Wookie The New Look Build KODI

Wookie The New Look is one of the top Kodi Builds available and very popular. It has nice big fonts to move about and all the popular Kodi add-ons installed. To install the build first we need to install the Wizard and than the Build itself. Location Name: Wookie URL: Always be sure… Read More »

How To Install Schism All In One KODI Build

UPDATE: Schism announced he is no longer supporting Kodi Builds. The build still seems to be available but this could change at anytime. Schism All-In-One is a popular Kodi build that comes with many installed add-ons and skins. Name: Schism All In One Location: Installing a Kodi build can always go wrong so be… Read More »

How To Install UKTV Again KODI Addon

UKTV Again is a live TV Kodi addon that has many streams from sports to documentaries. Like all addons if the server becomes full the stream will not work and is a bit of a hit or miss. Live TV with Kodi is not reliable as yet but is improving all the time. UKTV Again is… Read More »

How To Install cCloud Live TV Addon into KODI

cCloud is a popular IPTV Kodi addon that streams live TV. It is located in the poggod repo which is located at top tutorials repo. Installing it is the same as any Kodi add-on with having to install the repo url. For those who simply need the URL it is within repos and… Read More »

Best Hidden Wireless WiFi Spy Cameras

Hidden Wireless spy camera systems come in all shapes and sizes depending on the environment they need to hide in. Some come with a base station that give more options while others are more compact to stay hidden better but with less options. Our Picks for Best Hidden Wireless WiFi Spy Cameras PHYLINK PLC-128PW 720P… Read More »

What Is A Good CB Radio To Buy?

CB radios are not only fun but also a efficient cheap way to communicate at short range. In the era of smartphones many would think CB radios are a thing of the past but this is far from the truth. CB radios can give real time communications to a large group or another single user, and… Read More »

Best USB 3.0 Wireless-AC Adapters

802.11ac was introduced in 2013 and is the newest WiFi protocol. 802.11ac also called Wireless-AC has a number of new features that give it advantages, and even some disadvantages, to the last WiFi protocol Wireless-N. Speed The biggest advantage a 802.11ac USB adapter has over older protocols is speed. Depending on the version of 802.11ac… Read More »