How To Install Neptune Rising Kodi Addon

By | July 21, 2018

How to Install Neptune Rising Kodi Addon Version New Pic

Neptune Rising is a Kodi video Addon from Blamo Repository.
How To Install Neptune Rising Addon Kodi 17-17.6 Overview
It has movies and TV shows in a nice layout.

It is located in the Blamo Repo with the steps below for how to install it.

Using a good VPN with Kodi is always suggested for privacy and security. If you need a good low cost VPN to use with Kodi Try IPVanish it has multiple high speed servers with no throttling or logs.

* has No affiliation with Kodi, any Addons, Repos, or Builds. is a news and informational site which does not support or condone copyright infringement. Kodi should only be used with content that is bought and owned personally or is in the public domain.

Name: Blamo Repository

How To Install Neptune Rising Kodi Addon

1… At the top left click the System Settings Icon

2… Click File Manager

3… On the left click Add Source
How To Install Kodi 17-17.6 Addons and Builds Step 3

4… Click where it says NONE
How to Install Flixnet Add-on Kodi 17.1 Krypton step 4

5… Enter the URL: and click OK
How to Install Neptune Rising Kodi Addon 2018 Step 555

6… In the next box down name it Blamo and click OK
How To Install Death Streams Kodi Addon 17-17.6 Step 6

7… Double check everything is correct and click OK

8… Go back to Main Menu and click Add-ons
How To Install Vortex Addon Kodi 17 Krypton Step 8

9… Click the Package Installer Icon from the top left
How To Install Vortex Addon Kodi 17 Krypton Step 9

10… Click Install from zip file
How to Install Watch 5S Add-on Kodi 17.1 Krypton step 10

11… A box will pop open select Blamo
How To Install Squad Control Kodi Addon Step 11

12… Click
How To Install Neptune Rising Kodi Addon V 16 Step 12

13… Wait for the top right to popup and say Blamo Repo Installed
How To Install Neptune Rising Kodi Addon V 16 Step 13

14… Click Install from Repository
How To Install Neptune Rising Kodi Addon V 16 Step 14

15… Click Blamo Repo
How To Install Neptune Rising Kodi Addon V 16 Step 15

16… Click Video Add-ons
How To Install Aragon Live Kodi Addon Step 16

17… Click Neptune Rising

18… Click Install
How To Install Neptune Rising Kodi Addon V 16 Step 18

Failed To Install Dependency
If Neptune Rising fails to install a dependency this can be for a number of reasons, including conflicts with other Addons, Hardware, Repo URL Change, Repository is Down or Overloaded.

There is a few ways to fix this error with the following options.

1…Restart the hardware being used along with Kodi and try again.

2…Check the Event Log and Update Dependencies That Did Not Load.
… From the main menu click System Icon

… Click Event Log
How To Fix Failed To Install Depednacy

… Look at the list of items which have failed. Click on each entry and on the next screen highlight and select ‘install’. Wait for the top right hand corner pop ups to confirm each has downloaded successfully and retry the install.

3… Install Dependencies Manually
When a dependency does not load it will usually display which one. Here are the most common and how to install them manually.

If a Failed To Install Dependency Beautiful Soup Comes Up, Read Here for How To Install Beautiful Soup Manually.

If a Failed To Install Dependency NAN Scrappers Comes Up, Read Here for How To Install NAN Scrappers Manually.

If a Failed To Install Dependency SIX Comes Up, Read Here for How To Install SIX Dependency Manually.

4… Clear Out All Data with a Fresh Start
Having a clean install of Kodi can also work but will delete all other Addons, Plugins, and Builds. Sometimes a simple uninstall and reinstall will work but often data still exist.

An Addon called Fresh Start will Delete all old data and give a Default Kodi install. Read Here for How To Fresh Start Kodi.

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How To Install Neptune Rising Addon Kodi 17-17.6

309 thoughts on “How To Install Neptune Rising Kodi Addon

  1. otto

    I have the issue that the pictures freezes and the sound continues, it is almost like it is like that on all the series…
    and for movies i see the problem like others that there is no sources!

  2. leeza

    Worked perfectly, thank you. I can now watch movies again after giving up on Exodus!

  3. Max

    So I’ve been using Kodi on a firestick with various addons like Neptune Rising for a year. On occasion I have to do updates to keep everything working properly. These past couple of weeks I haven’t been able to get anything to stream. I have plenty of links shown but when I click one, it takes forever to load only to not end up playing. I ended up uninstalling kodi and then reinstalling it. I then installed Neptune. Everything is up to date as far as I can tell. It’s the same issues. Nothing will stream. Ideas?

    1. atZero

      Have you figured anything new out? Last week Neptune was working fine, this week I can see the sources but once I click on it nothing streams. I have not tried a clean install and I figured I’d ask some forums to see what they’ve tried to eliminate already tried outcomes that fail. Best of luck.

      1. nugs

        Make sure you’re skipping all the Panda sources which seem to be the ones to pop up first.

    2. Mr Anton F Degennaro

      Try putting no Limits build on your kodi fire stick just ask Google how to do it and it will tell you

  4. Tom

    Thanks, so far works similar to how exodus was working 6 mos. ago exodus before exodus quit.
    Thanks again, Tom

  5. Khameko Copeland

    Ty sooo much your the best in the west your the shissnit i trued using the install from yt and never works i didnt even know you could check what went erong on the in stall in events thank you

  6. Dave Dee

    Watched the first 8 episodes of The Staircase on Neptune Rising but the rest are not found?
    Anyone know who has all 13 episodes?

  7. Kodi Beginner

    Bravo. Im a lay man when its about addons and stuff. However you simplified it to your best capability and I was able to add. Working perfectly fine on my Smart tv. Thanks a ton mate.

  8. Can Ozyman

    as it seems that BLAMO Repo doesnt work for “Android TVBox” but
    it works in “Android PHONES”!

    You can install without fail in your Phones but TVBoxes having problem
    when you install it from ZIP file where it doesnt opened and you cant install!

    I’v tried last 2 days but failed to install from Blamo ZIP file!

    1. scott

      start with a fresh instal of KODI and make sure you go into settings and allow 3rd party add ons. Ive installed it on 3 different boxes and it works fine
      Also make sure you are using kodi17.1 or higher


    I have fully installed it but now it’s says resources incoming which never starts downloading and nothing is available pls jep

  10. Cleetus

    Please let me know how to do the same in Android ?
    I tried, but Once I reach ” Install from Zip file”, it doesnt allow to go forward.
    ZIP extension might not accepted by Android?

    1. Mr Anton F Degennaro

      Download configurator for kodi it’s a wizard which you can put addons and builds download them for you automatically onto your kodi

  11. gk sisodiya

    I installed it on my phone and it is working good.
    Thank you.

  12. Loopy

    I got this downloaded and installed and finally found Neptune rising but not in the addons I thought it would be on, however, I added several of my TV shows and then went to my shows and now it says I need a Tract TV account. I do have one but how to make it work with Neptune Rising? I feel very illiterate with these android boxes. I don’t understand resolvers, repositories, and whatever else the lingo is. I need a real manual.

    1. Nate

      As an aside, my TraktTV has always worked with every add on in kodi. But now when I try to click on ‘collection’ in the my tv shows section it does nothing. How do i fix?

  13. Margaret Williams

    Omg I absolutely love u, u make it so easy for an illiterate computer user like me!! Ty ty so much

  14. Francis John

    Beautifully explained! You should be an instructor!!

  15. X man

    Can anyone confirm if NR is up right now?? Having troubles…

    1. Linda

      I just intalled this on my phone and it is working fine

  16. tommyg

    So, I have downloaded neptune. when i select a movie it tells me to go to a website and sign up. is this normal. When i tried to sign up i get blocked by malware

    1. Doug®

      I couldn’t get this to install from within Kodi.
      It *might* have downloaded the Neptune package, but every dependency failed – so the whole install failed.

      So I browsed over to “”, found all the packages, and “installed zip files.”

      Finally, Neptune was running. It was crap! The only redeeming thing it could do was scrape

      The latest universalscrapers package I could find was v1.0.9.1. Either something is wrong with my config, or this latest addon that completely relies on a third party scraper package is as impressive as you’d expect.

      I can get much more from Covenant (fixing a few scrapers).

      It was only recently that the best addon from the best Kodi dev ever – SALTS by tknorris – got to a point that I could not get a reliable amount of Debrid links.
      I still keep it installed to use its excellent Trakt features.
      I know I’m whining at this point, but NOTHING has come close to SALTS’s excellence.
      Many addons still copy whole Python modules from it, not even bothering to change the copywrite info.
      If only I knew how to properly write Python code, SALTS would still be awesome.

      *Please excuse the above rant.*

      If anyone having success with Neptune can suggest what might be wrong with my config, please post.

      1. Loco

        Go into the add on repository and enable the universal scrapers app

      2. Mr Anton F Degennaro

        Why don’t you just download a build like nolimits it has all the add-ons then salts a little bit old fashioned doesn’t really have all up to date movies

  17. Mj Tyl

    Anyone know why “new episodes search ” via tv shows no longer works?

  18. Aulelei

    The download was easy and simple…thanks for the step by step picture guide…love it😍😍😍

  19. Giovanni

    When I get to step 17 there is no Neptune Rising to pick ? There is only adult swim, dubbed anime, super favorites someone please help what am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance my peeps

    1. bibi

      I had exactly the same thing.. did a Fresh Start, but still no ‘Neptune Rising’ to pick at step 17

      1. Dee

        Do https and problem solved. I was going crazy and just did trial and error.

      1. Peter

        Mr Blamo announced on Twitter the server was having problems.

    2. Rachel Thompson

      I’m getting same thing. Tried https. I only get Adult Swim, dubbed anime & super favourites. No placenta or Neptune.

  20. Braca

    I have Fantastic on my Smart Tv Box…if I won to instal Neptune-is it necessary deinstal Fantastic first,od no?a one more questions-Is it better to install Kodi 18 before instal Neptune…Thanks

  21. Liz Turner

    Have installed but comes up with no information available, please help.

  22. Northsoul

    Thank you for the info if it failed to install. Happy!!

  23. shannon tucker

    I need much help! I have “jailbroke” my firestick. Kodi is installed. I have NO idea where to go from here. I keep seeing talk of add ons, sidebuilds, etc etc. And i dont know what any of it means. I just want to be able to watch live tv on my firestick without paying/subscribing to anything. Please help me.

  24. Andrew

    How did you guys install this I did exactly what it says to install and when i go to find Neptune rising it’s not in the blank repository it’s missing

  25. John Banks

    Installed fine but when getting a stream for a movie it loads in some Japanese soap opera

  26. Katie

    I have literally downloaded a million different Kodi add ons after Exodus stopped working for me, and this is the only one that worked. Thank you so much! And for anyone whose isn’t working you most likely have to update Kodi to its newest version.

  27. Lucy

    Keeps saying could not connect to repository? Whyyyyy?!

    1. Niell Steenkamp

      It happens sometimes, but reload Kodi (exit and restart, don’t uninstall)
      Now redo it again, but choose a different name( instead of Blamo, make it Blamo2) it should work under the new name.
      Disable the first one that did not work.
      You might have to do it three times… but it works.
      Good luck

  28. KeppsItReal

    Thank you! This actually worked for me with no problems. Usually something always goes wrong and l spend hours researching and trying all different “fix’s” and this time it just worked out the gate.

  29. Karri Stoerp

    It keeps telling me connection failed, or there is no connection preventing me from installing

    1. tanya

      I had this problem also and went through a bunch of tutorials that didn’t help. In the end I just uninstalled and the installed Kodi again and it worked fine

  30. Gia Madonna

    I have a cyber Crush on my wireless hack 💕 Anytime I want to figure something out I just Google Wireless hack and the topic and poof 🎆 you solve my problems 💞 Love love love Wireless hack.
    💛 Gia 💛
    Long Island New York

    1. Storae

      Go to the repository page and open it from there where you’ve installed it, it’ll make it will appear after that.

  31. minecraft

    i have been up and down youtube trying to get it all youtubers girve my wrong answers thank you soooooo much u make my day

  32. Ray Bentley

    Installed as per instructions, Neptune Rising would not install, deleted Blamo, restarted Kodi and tried to re install blamo but dependencies failed again, went to event log and re installed failed dependencies and then everything worked OK. It uses different providers and so it can stream video that other addons can’t. It also scrapes the streams much faster. I will carry on using this until it starts failing like the rest and something better comes along. Thanks for the instructions.

  33. Dana

    I have it installed but there is no content? TV shows, Movies, it is empty. Help please 🙂

  34. Michael

    Thanks! Your step by step instructions worked for me. I am now watching content your add-on via KODI.

  35. Trish

    This was really easy to follow, even for me! Thank you so much!

    1. Lilith

      Mine is stuck on 4%. Did yours sort itself out? Or if not did you find a fix?

  36. Paul Mainu

    The stream seems ok but no sound or whatever sound there is you can’t understand

  37. ged

    when im in filemanager and I try to add source in the screen it says root at the bottom so I cannot progress futher why can I change it

  38. Justin beiber

    I just downloaded neptune rising and im tried to watch a movie but the stream wasnt available, then i went to another movie and it wouldnt even load up the sources i tried to back out and it froze, it sucks way worse than covenant.

  39. Chrissy McCray

    Loaded fine but when I choose in theatres it takes literally forever to load same with searching i usually just give up. If I actually wait sources incoming takes forever too.

  40. Vicki

    Yesterday I downloaded this for a friend on his older model android tv and it gave us a super old movie selection of 1950s and 60s you know why? Should I delete the old kodi version and try spmc? I just did the exact same blamo on my minix and it worked perfect. Thank you for the easy step by step instructions! Vicki

    1. Kanobious

      Check the date on the device as Kodi add-ons use that as the search point. I’ve had it in the pasr

  41. RsGrimmie803

    when i tried to watch some movie, it say neptune rising has an error, it all happen after the addons update something in the background automatically and until now, i can’t do anything. neptune rising is down :C

  42. Alex

    Does anyone know how to initiate download, after enabling it in Neptune Rising settings. Thank you.

    1. Will

      Right click on the Neptune Rising icon. Choose settings scroll down to downloads. Navigate to a folder on your system you want to save media files to. Do it once for movies and again for videos.

      1. Will

        After enabling………
        Instead of clicking on a provider to watch a movie, Right click and select Download. You will be given notification every 10% of the file being downloaded till you reach 100%.

  43. Zac duff

    Whenever I open the repo there is no Neptune rising, only adult swim is there and available…why oh god why?! Someone help please

  44. Anthony

    Whenever I try to load a movie I get a message that states “To play this video, authorization is required. Visit the link below to authorize the devices on your network: “” then click ‘Pair'”. Can someone please help, I just set up Kodi today and haven’t been able to get anything to load.

    1. Brian

      Go to the website that it states. Click on I’m not a robot, it will ask you to “click on street signs.” Do so and it will load the movies for you. Don’t worry it’s not a scam, that was the first thing I thought. Btw I have found it to play the best quality movies from the sources I have, for a particular movie.

    2. Johnson

      Go to the website on your phone and make sure it’s connected to the same network Kodi is on and click enable. You’ll be able to watch movies from that soirce for 4 hours.

  45. Kyng

    Omg, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! This worked PERFECTLY!!! Completely impressed and amazed actually. Been having problems with Kodi and thankfully I was guided here. Thanks Again!!

  46. Wendy Pumford

    Brilliant. Easy to follow instructions. Works perfectly

  47. Bob

    Installed this on my Xbox and every time I select something to watch it says “Neptune rising error” and tells me to check the log.
    1. I’m new to Kodi, so how do I check the log?
    And 2. I understand Kodi is only in Alpha for Xbox one, but did anybody get it to work?

    1. Matt

      I got that exact same message and I can’t find it either some help majorly needed

    2. Hershel L Smith III

      I am having the same issue any help would be greatly appreciate. Also I am new to kodi

  48. Ashley

    It works. If you are getting it fail it is because one of any repository on your stick is out of date. Either go through manually and find out which one it is or restore your stick to default and download this straight away after kodi. It will work with no problems!
    Hope this helps

  49. wvl

    Looks like Blamo is down. Grabbing the zip is no problem but installing the repo fails.


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